Welcome to SEZZO

Our mission at SEZZO is to provide our customers the most comprehensive, flexible and cost effective staffing and engineering solutions in the industry.


Since 1998, SEZZO formerly known as Applied Networking & Systems Integration (ANSI, Inc.), has been providing Talent Acquisition, Staffing Solutions, and Engineering Services. Our headquarter is located in Sunnyvale, California. SEZZO’s core competencies are composed of unmatched staffing solutions, validation, certification of hardware & software components, triage, software development, and manufacturing, to name a few.

SEZZO has a solid and proven track record in utilizing its premier capabilities and methodologies to complement the business strategies of our clients. Thus, helping to define and optimize our clients’ business strategy with technology initiatives.

We strive to provide value-added solutions to our client’s needs and we achieve this by offering first-rate personnel and processes, as well as cutting-edge technology and on time delivery.

Now that you have discovered our expertise, let us put it to work for you!


Whether you’re looking for one more engineer for your team or need to beef up your staff by a few hard-to-find talents, SEZZO can quickly put together a “Playbook” that will meet your budget and time constrains. We can also assist you with all your engineering needs whether it’s validation & certification testing or manufacturing.

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